Review: Like a Flower in Bloom

LikeaFlowerinBloom_mck.inddTitle: Like a Flower in Bloom

Author: Siri Mitchell


Pages: 368

ISBN: 978-0-7642-1037-2

Genre: FICT, Historical Romance

Short Book Description:

He Stole the Work She Loved.
Will She Let Him Steal Her Heart as Well?

It’s all her uncle’s fault. For years Charlotte Withersby has been free to pursue her love of plants and flowers by assisting her botanist father. But now that she’s reached the old age of twenty-two, an intrusive uncle has convinced her father that Charlotte’s future–the only proper future for a woman–is to be a wife and mother, not a scholar.

Her father is so dependent on her assistance that Charlotte believes he’ll soon change his mind…and then Edward Trimble shows up. A long-time botany correspondent in the South Pacific, Trimble arrives ready to step in as assistant so that Charlotte can step out into proper society–a world that baffles her with its unwritten rules, inexplicable expectations, and confounding fashion.

Things aren’t perfectly smooth between Trimble and her father, so Charlotte hatches a last gasp plan. She’ll pretend such an interest in marriage that the thought of losing her will make her father welcome her back. Only things go quickly awry, and she realizes that the one man who recognizes her intelligence is also the person she’s most angry with: Edward Trimble, her supposed rival. Suddenly juggling more suitors than she knows what to do with, Charlotte is caught in a trap of her own making. Will she have no choice but to leave her beloved flowers behind?

My Thoughts:

I’m sad to say that I just couldn’t get myself to enjoy this book for some reason. Maybe it was the constant mention of plants and stuff about them. I’m not a person that enjoys science, so reading a book with the main focus on botany just isn’t enjoyable.

After reading about 1/3 of the book, I finally just decided that I couldn’t take any more. At first I thought that this would be another book that I would enjoy but as I got further into it I couldn’t keep my focus on the pages anymore.

Though the part I did read was quite humorous, it still didn’t draw me in enough to actually want to finish the book.

I don’t like giving bad reviews of books, especially if I have read book by the same author that really enjoyed. I’ll probably finish this book at a later time but as of now it’s on “the-never-finished” list.

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