Review: I am John, I am Paul

Mark Tedesco - I am John, I am PaulTitle: I am John, I am Paul

Author: Mark Tedesco


Pages: 176

ISBN: 978-1-300-15810-3

Genre: Historical Fiction

Short Book Description:

When the Roman Empire was in the throws of change in the fourth century, two men stood out, marked by honor, belief, and their bond to one another. I am John, I am Paul is the tale of these two Roman soldiers whose lives became the focus of attention for centuries.

My Thoughts:

I’m not sure exactly what to say. This book was really deep and emotional. I couldn’t put it down; it captivated me basically from the first page.

Reading other reviews online, I wasn’t exactly sure of reading the book at first. There is a lot of controversy about the relationship between John and Paul, are they a couple or are they not?? For myself I would say that they are not, their relationship just goes way deeper than many of the superficial relationships that are out there today.

Loving history as I do, this book is another treasure to add to my shelf. The historical details that were woven into the book were amazing and well researched. These real life characters were ones I have never heard about before this book for the most part, except for the famous ones of course.

This is one book that you should definitely read if you love Roman history, learning more about the Christians and how they were treated in the first couple of centuries, or if you just want to read historical novel about to amazing soldiers.

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Thank you to the author for sending me a review copy of this book.


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