Review: Revelation 9:11

Title: Revelation 9:11

Author: Stuart & Franklyn

Pages: 384

ISBN: 978-0-9880012-0-6

Book Description:

REVELATION 9:11 Unravel the clues to a supernatural mystery and discover what  will happen at the end of the world through the pages of this controversial  370-page supernatural novel that flashes back and forth between the centuries to a stunning and unforgettable ending From The Writing Team Of Ian A. Stuart & David R. Franklyn Discover why the eccentric Roman Catholic priest Benjamin Price was silenced by the Vatican Enter the mind of Abaddon – Destroyer of the Old Testament and Angel of the Abyss Solve the mystery of the unusual Native woman found on a rocky beach with her body stained red Live through shipwrecks, dramatic escapes, supernatural battles and executions by fire Locate the living, timeless, fog-bound Island at the very edge of North America Confront the Archangel Michael – warrior Prince of the Seraphim Experience a vision of Heaven
and a clash between celestial beings in the depths of the Abyss Uncover the reason for the penance imposed on the possessed cleric, Ãtienne D Entremont Meet Nazi ReichsfÃhrer Heinrich Himmler who is obsessed with the mythical Nephilim Portal Sail on Reprisal and Nicholas with pirate Edward Bailey and the lust-obsessed Bernard La Roque Conspire to topple a throne with the Duc D Antin, first cousin to Louis, King of France Meet the children of an angel and find out why one loves him and the other hates everything he stands for and learn why we are all moving inexorably to the final event in world history and The Destiny Of The Human Race

My Thoughts:

When I first got this book I was really skeptical about it. The cover especially was a big draw back for me. It was a pleasant surprise when I actually got into it and read it.

The story of Father Benjamin Price, a professor. He is enthralled by the ancient books that are mentioned in the Bible, but are not in it. When his authorities (aka. bishops and cardinals) get wind of what he is doing, they call him to Rome where they are located. There they tell him under no circumstances is he allowed to teach, write, etc. of the things he has researched.

Now that his teaching job has been taken away from him, he gets sent to an orphanage where he is to be the priest. When he arrived he came upon a mystery that has him baffled for years to come.

I am not going to tell you anymore. This is a book where you can’t really judge it by its cover. I enjoyed strange though it was.

Note: I received a review copy from the author in exchange for an honest review. These are my words 100%.

If you would like to purchase this book click here.


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