Review: Every Bride Needs a Groom

Janice Thompson - Every Bride Needs a Groom (Brides with Style #1)Title: Every Bride Needs a Groom

Author: Janice Thompson

Series: Brides with Style #1

Pages: 368

ISBN: 978-0-8007-2399-6

Genre: FICT, Contemporary Romance

Short Book Description:

Somewhere in a sea of tulle and taffeta, satin and crepe, Katie Fisher needs to find a key ingredient of the perfect wedding–the groom.

Small-town girl Katie Fisher is busy planning her fairy-tale wedding. Sure, her boyfriend hasn’t managed to pop the question just yet, but that doesn’t mean she shouldn’t enter a contest in Texas Bride magazine to win the dress of her dreams, right? Anyway, she’s sure he’ll be getting down on one knee any time now. And a one-of-a-kind designer dress doesn’t just fall out of the sky right when you need it.

But when Katie’s boyfriend takes a job in another town and breaks up with her–on the very same day she wins her dream dress–her world is turned upside down. Dare she go to Dallas to claim her prize? And will the hunky pro basketball player who runs the beyond-swanky bridal shop–yeah, you read that right–discover her humiliating secret if she does?

My Thoughts:

It took me a bit to get into the book but, once I sat down and got serious about it I couldn’t put it down for anything. I finished it within an afternoon. The writing and flow of the story was so easy to get into that I got lost in the world of books and couldn’t believe that I was actually done the book. I kept turning the pages looking for just a tad bit more to the story.

A really humorous and fun read, I couldn’t help but laugh my way through it. Katie and Brady have to be my favorite characters, not because they were the main characters but because of their huge faith in God. Not that the others didn’t have faith in God, it’s just these two were such an inspiration for fictional people.

I have read a few other books by Janice Thompson and have enjoyed every single one of them. I can’t wait to get more of, if not all of them, her books.

The perfect balance between humor, romance, and a walk with God, I would recommend these books to anyone. I can’t wait for the second book in the series to come out so that I can continue with the story of Katie Fisher.

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  1. Every Girl Gets Confused (October 2015)

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Review: Me Being Me Is Exactly as Insane as You Being You

Todd Hasak-Lowy - Me Being Me Is Exactly as Insane as You Being YouTitle: Me Being Me Is Exactly as Insane as You Being You

Author: Todd Hasak-Lowy


Pages: 656

ISBN: 978-1-4424-9573-9

Genre: Teen Fiction

Short Book Description:

A heartfelt, humorous story of a teen boy’s impulsive road trip after the shock of his lifetime—told entirely in lists!

Darren hasn’t had an easy year.

There was his parents’ divorce, which just so happened to come at the same time his older brother Nate left for college and his longtime best friend moved away. And of course there’s the whole not having a girlfriend thing.

Then one Thursday morning Darren’s dad shows up at his house at 6 a.m. with a glazed chocolate doughnut and a revelation that turns Darren’s world inside out. In full freakout mode, Darren, in a totally un-Darren move, ditches school to go visit Nate. Barely twenty-four hours at Nate’s school makes everything much better or much worse—Darren has no idea. It might somehow be both. All he knows for sure is that in addition to trying to figure out why none of his family members are who they used to be, he’s now obsessed with a strangely amazing girl who showed up out of nowhere but then totally disappeared.

Told entirely in lists, Todd Hasak-Lowy’s debut YA novel perfectly captures why having anything to do with anyone, including yourself, is:

1. painful
2. unavoidable
3. ridiculously complicated
4. possibly, hopefully the right thing after all.

My Thoughts:

Sad to say I was really disappointed by this book. It was totally not what I expected it to be. Maybe it was because I got an ARC instead of the published version. All I can say is that I couldn’t make heads or tails of it.

Firstly there are no chapters, paragraphs, or even any story plots in the book. Secondly there are pages with notes, lists, and train of thought on where the story is supposed to go. There was no story to read that I could make out of it.

I was actually looking forward to reading as the description of the book sounded really promising and like a good read. I’ll probably purchase the e-book when it comes out, but I’m not making any promises since this book was such a letdown.

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Review: Mercy’s Rain

Cindy K. Sproles - Mercy's RainTitle: Mercy’s Rain

Author: Cindy K. Sproles


Pages: 264

ISBN: 978-0-8254-4361-9

Genre: Fiction, Christian

Short Book Description:

When your life is built around a father’s wrath, how can you trust in the love of Father God?

Mercy Roller knows her name is a lie: there has never been any mercy in her young life. Raised by a twisted and abusive father who called himself the Pastor, she was abandoned by the church community that should have stood together to protect her from his evil. Her mother, consumed by her own fear and hate, won’t stand her ground to save Mercy either.

The Pastor has robbed Mercy of innocence and love, a husband and her child. Not a single person seems capable of standing up to the Pastor’s unrestrained evil. So Mercy takes matters into her own hands.

Her heart was hardened to love long before she took on the role of judge, jury, and executioner of the Pastor. She just didn’t realize the retribution she thought would save her, might turn her into the very thing she hated most.

Sent away by her angry and grieving mother, Mercy’s path is unclear until she meets a young preacher headed to counsel a pregnant couple. Sure that her calling is to protect the family, Mercy is drawn into a different life on the other side of the mountain where she slowly discovers true righteousness has nothing evil about it–and that there might be room for her own stained and shattered soul to find shelter. . . and even love.

Mercy’s Rain is a remarkable historical novel set in 19th century Appalachia that traces the thorny path from bitterness to forgiveness and reveals the victory and strength that comes from simple faith.

My Thoughts:

At first it was a little hard for me to get into the story but, the more I read the more captivated I became. I couldn’t help but pity Mercy as the chapters took me through her life.

The book was really well written even though I did find a few mistakes as I read. I really loved the storyline and how it brought out that no matter what our position in life or our line of work is, there are always people who are good and bad, that no one is perfect.

Mercy’s Rain has taught me quite a bit while I was reading and gave me quite a few things to ponder. Though I have to say my favorite line in the book was said by Samuel

“Gentleness comes when gentleness is given.”

That line is so true in everything; if we don’t give then we don’t receive.

I hope to read more books by Cindy as they come out. I would also recommend this book to anyone who wants to read a historical novel but, I have to say it is a little darker than most Christian novels.

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Review: The Crimson Cord

Jill Eileen Smith - The Crimson Cord (Daughters of the Promised Land #1)Title: The Crimson Cord

Author:Jill Eileen Smith

Series: Daughters of the Promised Land #1

Pages: 368

ISBN: 978-0-8007-2034-6

Genre: FICT, Historical Fiction

Short Book Description:

Wife to a gambler who took one too many risks, Rahab finds herself sold as a slave to cover her husband’s debt. Forced into prostitution, she despairs of ever regaining her freedom and her self-respect. But when Israelite spies enter Jericho and come to lodge at her house, Rahab sees a glimmer of hope and the opportunity of a lifetime.

In one risky moment, she takes a leap of faith, puts her trust in a God she does not know, and vows to protect the spies from the authorities. When the armies of Israel arrive weeks later, Rahab hopes they will keep their promise, but she has no idea what kind of challenges await her outside Jericho’s walls–or if she will ever know the meaning of love.

Under Jill Eileen Smith’s talented hand, the familiar story of Rahab bursts forth in high definition. Immerse yourself in a world of dark and dusty streets, clandestine meetings, and daring escapes as a mysterious biblical figure claims her full humanity–and a permanent place in your heart.

My Thoughts:

Biblical fiction has always been a favorite of mine, so when I got an email asking if I wanted to review this one I couldn’t resist. I have actually never read a story based on Rahab and the spies that Joshua sent into Jericho.

I have always wondered though about the rest of the story. Like, why did Rahab become what she was? who did she marry in the Israelite camp? So although this book is fictional, I believe it painted an accurate picture of the Bible story.

I have actually never read any books by Jill Eileen Smith before, now I can’t wait to get the rest of her books and the rest in this series when they come out.

This book painted a really realistic portrait of Rahab I believe. She wasn’t overly strong mentally or emotionally, she was pure human. She made mistakes, trusted the wrong people, got into the wrong line of work, but in the end she prevailed and came out a strong follower of Yahweh and someone who other women, and men, looked up to for her faith.

I would recommend this book to anyone who loves Biblical fiction or historical fiction in general.

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